Zurich/ Stockholm

Swiss consulting firm HSS IPM and Swedish Fundraising tool Pepicon have agreed to work together to expand and extend the scope of services each is able to provide to its clients.

Of the arrangement, Katerina Klezlova, COO of Pepicon said, “We believe strategic partnerships with experts like HSS IPM will allow us to provide our clients with even greater value. HSS IPM can support our clients to develop their intellectual property portfolio, one of the important business assets and vital elements to successful fundraising.”

HSS IPM CEO, Victor Garcia commented, “Our dynamic SME clients want to optimize and grow their intellectual property assets, in tandem, they are also often looking to attract investors and increase their chances of getting funded, as fast as possible. The team at Pepicon have translated their extensive expertise into a platform focused on  digitalizing the currently inefficient fundraising process, allowing companies to raise growth capital with ease.”


HSS IPM is a boutique intellectual property consulting firm, founded and owned by former intellectual property counsel, with clients ranging from some of the world’s biggest and most valuable brands through to ambitious start-ups. HSS IPM’s clear focus is to offer “business-centric advice”. This means working with clients in a way that is concise, pragmatic and mindful of the bigger picture.

Pepicon guides unlisted companies to get their facts and pitch complete, making them investable. Moreover, it allows them to stay 24/7 transaction ready and keep their shareholders and prospective investors engaged and up to date.  Based on a trusted model that already helped to raise over 100M EUR in growth capital toNordic entrepreneurs, Pepicon now offers a secure platfrom to the European audience.

Read more about Pepicon at https://www.pepicon.com/.