By Victor Garcia

Some clients have approached us to ask what to do if “Repossessed by GoDaddy” is shown as the owner of a domain name composed of a trademark with or without authorization. According to blog articles on the topic, it appears that the Domain Name Registrar “GoDaddy” uses this option in the following cases:

“GoDaddy’s Payment Verification Office reviews every transaction through our system using either an automated or manual review process.

Products and services can be repossessed during this process if a payment is suspected to be fraudulent. In addition, domain names are repossessed when a chargeback is processed on a payment.

If a payment is fraudulent or charged back within the first five days after a domain name is purchased, the domain name is returned to the registry.” [1]

Generally, a person wishing to recover a domain name has to file a domain dispute or “UDRP” proceeding before an Arbitration Court. However, when it comes to domain names Repossessed by GoDaddy including a brand or trademark, there is the possibility to ask GoDaddy for the transfer of the domain name at no additional cost to the trademark right holder. GoDaddy’s decision whether to grant the request for transfer will depend on several factors, including the arguments used to ask for the domain name.

HSS IPM have experience in recovering domain names Repossessed by Go Daddy on behalf of different clients without the need to file a UDRP, efficiently achieving the desired outcome.

Disclaimer: Go Daddy & Go Daddy & Device are trademarks™ or registered® trademarks of their respective holders. Use of them does not imply any affiliation with or endorsement by them.

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